Alison Wonderland Steps Into the Dark Side With Woozy Whyte Fang Track, “333”

The new single comes just two weeks before Whyte Fang’s headlining debut in Los Angeles.

Alison Wonderland continues her journey into the abyss with “333,” a brand new track released under the guise of her Whyte Fang alias. 

For over a decade, Wonderland has nurtured a secretive side project that explores the darker side of electronic music. Producing as Whyte Fang, she creates woozy, heavy-hitting sounds that might not necessarily fit under the Alison Wonderland umbrella. 

Opening up with eerie, distorted vocals, “333” sets an ominous tone early on. After a tense, metallic build-up, Fang introduces a wobbly bass drop with saturated kicks and frenetic vocal chops. She then blasts into the realm of techno, bringing the arrangement home with a pounding four-on-the-floor section.

All in all, the entire experience is delightfully disorienting and showcases Wonderland’s mission to push the limits of her sound. Take a listen to “333” below.

The new single arrives just two weeks before Whyte Fang’s headlining debut in Los Angeles. Announced last month, the show will be a small, intimate event at a venue that holds only 500 concertgoers. Unfortunately for those just learning about it, tickets sold out very quickly.

You can find “333” on streaming platforms here.