Bonobo says “ATK” was created around the same time as his latest album, “Fragments.”

For his latest track, Bonobo showcased an iconic melody from a late Asante great.

“ATK” is a driving new single from an artist known to use his sound to travel the world. Created around the same time as his seventh studio album, the remarkable Fragments, “ATK” possesses a more upbeat, dancefloor-ready sound than that found in the introspective album.

Diving right in, the track opens with a pounding drum section before giving way to the star of the show, the late Atakora Manu. Born in 1940 in Toase, Ghana, Manu released countless hits and became a world-renowned guitarist. Bonobo channels Manu’s timeless sound in “ATK,” which he says was originally a DJ edit of the Ghanaian composer song “Dada.”

“I felt it was a little too bashy to fit on the album,” Bonobo explains, “and wanted to save it as an OUTLIER release to be aimed more at the dance floor.”

In addition to the single, Bonobo called upon The McGloughlin Brothers to direct a music video inspired by Manu’s sound. Check out the “ATK” video below and stream the track here.