Suffering from FOMO? The Burning Man live webcast is your cure.

The sheer size and scale of Burning Man is difficult to comprehend. 

When visitors of Black Rock City are asked, “What’s Burning Man like?” a common answer is: “Just go.”

For those not able to make the journey to Burning Man’s fabled home for its 2022 theme of “Waking Dreams”, the Burning Man live webcast provides insider access to the sights and sounds.

Broadcasted from a tower high above Black Rock City, the stream offers an intimate glimpse into the playa. Whether or not you’re at the gathering, there’s no denying the allure of Burning Man and its dizzying spectacle of LED lights, mind-bending art cars and bikes. 

The Survival Guide strongly encourages participants to decorate their bikes with lights so they can be spotted at night and accidents between cyclists, pedestrians and art cars are prevented. Accidents can occur easily after the sun sets and the desert sky becomes pitch black. When collisions are narrowly missed by someone not adorned in lights, burners will shout, “Dark wad” as a safety reminder.  

This weekend, the event will conclude with the annual burning of the man on Saturday and the temple burn on Sunday. You can watch the webcast here.

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