Singer-songwriter and composer Camry Ivory, the Coloratura’s inventor, calls the instrument a “system of musical paintbrushes.”

What if, instead of just putting paint on a canvas, you could hear its colors?

Thanks to musician Camry Ivory, you can now generate music by painting with her invention, the Coloratura, which she calls a “system of musical paintbrushes.”

Ivory started designing the Coloratura in 2015 as a one-time performance piece for downtown Kansas City’s Art in the Loop Series, reports KCUR-FM. Since then, she’s been improving the instrument as a way to literally create sound with paint.

Featuring an easel with a metal canvas, 12 brushes for each note and pots of paint, the Coloratura connects each brush using wires to a circuit board, which sends a signal to her computer and music production software to create different notes.

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Having been inspired by the piano since she was a little girl, Ivory wanted something more dimensional to express herself. As a singer-songwriter and composer in her adult life, she sought out how to communicate her visual elements both visually and sonically, tinkering with creating a completely new instrument.

The Coloratura is now funded by an Inspiration Grant from ArtsKC in hopes to make a positive impact on the local Kansas City community. And Ivory has already seen the impact it has had on many people, especially those with synesthesia, a condition where a stimulation of one sense, such as sight, can produce a sensation within another, like sound.

Additionally, through her own use of Coloratura, Ivory says she recognizes the therapeutic benefits of mixing the mediums of music, art and technology.

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“I really get into a meditative flow, and I stop thinking about everything else,” Ivory told KCUR-FM. “I’m just in this kind of Zen state of creation, and I really can’t think about anything else because I’m getting this multi-sensory explosion of color and sound.”

Want to see the Coloratura in action? Ivory has been demonstrating it around her local community surrounding Kansas City at maker fairs and pop-up events. You can find out more here.