If you’ve read the news in the last decade or so, you’re already well aware that we live on the absolute stupidest possible timeline. If you haven’t, you can catch yourself up in just three minutes and 23 seconds via the new video for Kid Rock‘s “Never Quit.”

The track is pretty much just a bro country tune with a heavy trap beat and Kid Rock singing over top of it. The music is predictably terrible, with lyrics that genuinely feel like self-parody at times, including lines like “I’m gonna dig deeper, tote guns and smoke reefer” and “You bottom feeders and social media sluts / I’m still the salt and the swing, the king of don’t give a fuck.”

The video features a Black store owner walking into his place of business and finding it trashed by two local boys, one of whom is white. The whole town rallies together to help the man reopen his business, including the two who trashed the place originally. The white boy admits to what he did and when the cops arrive, the store owner sends them away.

At first glance, Kid Rock’s new video seems like it might be a good-natured statement about community banding together in times of need, especially during a time when Black Americans are disproportionately harmed by systemic issues. The sentiment falls apart when one considers that other songs on Kid Rock’s album Bad Reputation feature racist rallying cries like “Let’s go Brandon” and generally stupid lines like “We the people in all we do reserve the right to scream, ‘Fuck you!”

In fact, earlier this year, Kid Rock reminded us just how much he sucks at things like basic human decency when he posted a meme insulting LGBTQ+ service members not long after he was under justifiable fire for calling a concert attendee a homophobic slur. Oh, and this video.

If you must, you can watch the video for “Never Quit” below, but we recommend watching literally anything else.

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