Earlier this week, we were surprised to found out that Florida thrash band Vektor had ended their hiatus and were back on a major record label after signing with Century Media. While that kind of story happens all the time, it was shocking because of the monumental shitstorm that continues to swirl around frontman David DiSanto for the allegations of domestic abuse and assault that came to light in 2019.

At the time, Century Media put out a statement saying how excited they were to be working with Vektor, touting the band’s “outstanding songwriting and technical finesse” and excitedly announcing that a new album and European tour were in the works. But all that’s seemingly gotten the axe for now, as the label put out a terse statement saying “Effective immediately, Century Media has decided to part ways with Vektor.”

It’s unclear whether Century Media were unaware of DiSanto’s history or didn’t think the internet would remember Katy DiSanto’s vivid detailing of the abuse she allegedly endured — or the violent video she posted to social media that laid it all out there in the open.

Unsurprisingly, the response to Vektor’s return was met with criticism and scorn, as fans were furious about the signing. General outrage was leveled at the label for promoting Vektor despite DiSanto’s continued involvement.

For those that don’t remember, the allegations included a consistent pattern of violent and abusive behavior, which ultimately culminated in DiSanto’s wife Katy posting a minute-long cellphone video to social media depicting the disgraced frontman picking her up and throwing her, verbally berating her, and throwing a pillow at her face while she cried. You can then hear sounds of him hitting something off camera. A separate photo of a door with four holes in it came with a caption that said,”I was later reminded ‘it could have been my face.’” The Instagram posts have since been deleted.

A protracted legal battle resulted, though DiSanto has continued to deny Katy’s claims. Vektor was already on hiatus at the time of the incident after three of the band’s members left all at once. They reformed four years later in 2020, but hadn’t found a label to sign them until this week.

There’s no news as to what will happen with the band’s tour dates or the status of their new record, but none of that really matters in the face of those allegations. At the end of the day, fans were rightfully angry and Century Media reacted by jettisoning the band. So at the moment, Vektor is label-less.

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