There’s really cool vinyl releases with all different kinds of color variants and even cannabis leaves pressed into it, but one band is taking things to the extreme by offering a set of extra thicky bois that you can use as a guitar pedal. Indianapolis-based rock band Brother O Brother may have just released their newest album Skin Walker last week, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have at least one more release trick up their sleeves.

By joining forces with Romanus Records and Audio Disruption Devices, the band’s latest offering is being sold as a set of two super thick LPs that will each house the electronics for fully functioning guitar effects pedals. One LP will be a delay pedal, while the other one will have the guts of a boost pedal. The various knobs and on/off button are located on the center label.

Even though they can help you pump out some tasty riffs, the vinyls still play Brother O Brother’s music. However if you want to listen to the album as intended, you’re going to want to adjust the tonearm to accommodate the record’s extra thickness.

As a result of being able to help you get tasty riffs out in an extremely novel way, representatives said the new release was quite possibly the thickest LPs ever out into production.

These extra special vinyl pressings will be limited to 35 units and will be on sale this Saturday, Sept. 17 at 3 p.m. EST via the Romanus website.

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