I dunno about you, but damn that last week felt like it went on forever. Like a waking nightmare that just wouldn’t end. But at least we got new Clutch and Behemoth, so at least we’ve got that going for us. We’re also super stoked for the autumn months to start back up. It’s almost time to break out the flannel and Type O Negative albums.

As for what happened this week, there was a ton of crazy shit that went down. We learned that The Black Dahlia Murder are going to carry on to honor the late Trevor Strnad, were reminded that Kid Rock is a clown, and Vektor was resigned to a label until that label realized that was a PR disaster.

You can check out our top stories of the week, as well as listen to our updated The MetalSucks Playlist, below. Just remember that we’ve got even more succulent content on our site, so feel free to go check that shit out.

Shocker: James Hetfield Met with Boos By Just Mentioning St. Anger

Kid Rock Still Loves Jesus, America and Guns in Terrible New Music Video

Review: Behemoth’s Opvs Contra Natvram is a ‘Body Slam of Musical Brutality’

The Black Dahlia Murder Will Continue As a Band, Announce New Vocalist and Tribute Show

Century Media Drops Vektor Faster Than You Can Say “Domestic Abuse”

Tommy Lee Thinks You’ll Pay $40 A MONTH to See His Junk

Ex-Metallica Bassist Says Dave Mustaine’s ‘Alpha Male’ Comment is “Not How I Remember Those Days”

Soilwork Guitarist David Andersson Dead at 47

Ministry Cancels European Tour Over “Unforeseen Circumstances”

11 Metal Albums That Epitomize the Sound of the 2000s

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