Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir

If you aren’t already familiar with The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir, it’s time to get familiar. This Savannah, Georgia band are dropping their debut full-length, Slow Murder, October 14 via Graveface Records. Their sound is as weird and unclassifiable as they city they live in.

In even cooler news, they’ve also teamed up with Soul Glo vocalist Pierce Jordan (aka Money Nicca) for their new single, “Doomed To Grow.” It’s weird, doomy, sludgy, and captivating, and it has me counting down until the record is released. The video originally appeared on Brooklyn Vegan, and now, you can stream it here.

About the song and the collaboration, the band say:

“Doomed To Grow” is a song about humanity getting out of hand. It focuses on corporate propaganda leading to blind consumerism, pollution, and exploitation of others. Pierce was a no-brainer for the part; that punk-leaning riff lends itself to their power so well.

They’re one of my favorite performers, lyricists, and vocalists, and we are so lucky to call them and the rest of Soul Glo our friends so it just made sense for them to be a part of it. Their part is so sick, and I think adds an element of positivity and resilience that the song needed. I honestly get a little defeated about this kind of stuff, and it shows in the rest of the track, so Pierce getting to interrupt that with a near call-to-action is perfect.

We came up with the idea for the video as poking fun at influencer culture that worsens that consumerism in people’s lives. It feels like an uphill battle to promote class consciousness and try to help people understand how bad things are because of how much of that entertainment acts as a distraction from a bleak reality. We wanted to have fun with it but still be heavy handed with some of the negativity that comes from that kind of content, and Pierce gets to act as a snap to reality from that.

Slow Murder will release on October 14, but is currently available for preorder via Graveface Records.

The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir, Slow Murder
1. (picturesque ruins)
2. Cow Tools
3. Grease Log (feat. Logan Rivera)
4. It’s All Undone, It’s Bullshit, There’s No Wow Factor
5. Doomed To Grow (feat. MONEY NICCA)
6. Cesspool
7. Niema (Living Close)
8. (dangerousness)
9. Unawarewolf

You can also catch The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir as they tour the southeastern part of the U.S. at one of the following dates below:

The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir — 2022 Tour Dates
September 23 – Jacksonville, FL – Rain Dogs
September 29 – Charleston, SC – Tua Lingua
September 30 – Charlotte, NC – The Milestone Club
October 2 – Savannah, GA – Lodge Of Sorrows
October 16 – Savannah, GA – Graveface Records 20th Anniversary Festival
October 27 – Savannah, GA – Lodge Of Sorrows
October 29 – Gainesville, FL – The Fest 20

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