Some will likely call this a dream job opportunity.

When it comes to raving, if you don’t share the same interest as your significant other, the late nights spent on the dancefloor may quickly become a drag.

One Craigslist user found that out the hard way and decided they’ve had enough of trying to keep up. The author explains their wife is always interested in going out to attend electronic music events in Brooklyn and turned to the public to hire a chaperone for her. 

The author explains his wife typically likes to go out on the weekends, and the compensation they’re offering is certainly nothing to sneeze at: $30 an hour, and that’s on top of having your event tickets fully paid for.

The opportunity, which was captured via screenshot by nightlife producer Terence Edgerson and shared on Instagram, sounds like a dream job in the making for one lucky electronic dance music fan. But before you go rushing to write up your application, the user was clear in stating they’re requesting a gay man for the role.

“I just need someone who can chaperone her to these events as a friend so I can get some rest,” reads the ad, which is titled “Looking for Gay Man to take wife out to party (Chelsea).”

Unfortunately the original post has since been deleted, but that hasn’t stopped an endless influx of responses in its wake.

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