“I spent most of my twenty-year music industry career not knowing I had ADHD.”

A former Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) manager has launched a coaching service for those in music who have or may have ADHD.

Tristan Hunt recently stepped down from his position as the regional manager at AFEM to launch the new service after struggling with ADHD himself. However, he wasn’t aware of it over the past two decades of his career.

“I spent most of my twenty-year music industry career not knowing I had ADHD,” Hunt told Music Ally. “So I know firsthand the struggles that artists and my industry colleagues face when working in the music business with the condition—both pre- and post-ADHD diagnosis.”

Tristan Hunt

Hunt hopes that his advice and coaching will lead musicians and other creatives across the music industry who may have ADHD to seek out the proper help and resources.

It’s quite well-documented that the music industry is very stressful to work in. Unfortunately, those who live and work with mental illnesses in such a cutthroat business struggle to receive the attention and support they need from friends, colleagues or even family members.

But with organizations and leaders like Hunt, as well as increasing support for those struggling with mental illness, it seems we’re not too far from a paradigm shift in this business. To learn more or sign up for a coaching session, visit his website.