Trombone Champ, the world’s first trombone-based rhythm music game, launched on Friday (September 16) and is already getting rave reviews.

Created by Holy Wow Studios, Trombone Champ allows players to “freely play any note at any time” meaning “you’re not just following along with the music, you’re actually playing the music”.

With twenty tracks to choose from, zero microtransactions and a series of collectable “tromboner cards” that unlock “new tromboners, new trombone colours, and other mysteries”, the game has quickly proved a hit.

At the time of writing, the reviews on the Steam page for Trombone Champ are “very positive” with one player writing “This game broke something in me. My life is different. Food tastes different. The air I breathe is different. The music – the music is better. I’ll never be the same man again. I have embraced the way of the trombone” with another calling it “possibly the best game ever made.”

The reaction is just as positive on social media, with Cursed To Golf director Liam Edwards taking to Twitter to say: “Trombone Champ is literally the only game I wish I had made. It’s absolutely out-of-this-world god tier. Fuck.”

“If you have any respect for life, you will play it, laugh and curse the geniuses behind it,” he added, while sharing his attempt at England’s National Anthem ‘God Save The King’.

Sharing a phase one roadmap, the developer behind Trombone Champ has shared it’s looking to add more songs and more accessible control methods as well as working on a release for Mac and improving the performance on Steam Deck.

Trombone Champ is available now for £11.39 via Steam.

In other news, Minecraft has teamed up with BBC documentary series Frozen Planet 2 to create a series of educational worlds, with the first one now live.

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