Stranger Things

Pack your Eggos, we’re off to Hawkins. Well, a makeshift version of Hawkins in a north London warehouse – but it’s basically the same thing. Stranger Things: The Experience takes fans on an adventure so immersive, you’ll feel like you’ve fallen through a gate and ended up in the Upside Down for real.

Kicking off with a visit to the infamous Hawkins Lab, guests can expect a brand-new storyline developed exclusively with the show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers. We won’t spoil what that entails here, but don’t be surprised if a certain skinless baddy pops up. After that, you’ll be free to explore a variety of iconic locations from the hit series. Read on for a handy checklist of all the things super-stans can’t afford to miss.

Stranger Things
Pick up a tasty treat at Scoops Ahoy. CREDIT: Fever/Netflix

Grab an ice cream sandwich at Scoops Ahoy

Consider yourself a McFlurry connoisseur? Why not take your dessert game to the next level and order a local special at Hawkins’ premier ice cream parlour. If Steve and Robyn still worked there, you might have been in for a long wait, but we can reveal that the service has improved immeasurably since they left/quit/were fired.

Visit Family Video store and pick out your fave cult movie

From E.T. to Nightmare On Elm Street, Stranger Things is stuffed with references to the Duffer Brothers’ fave sci-fi films. Where better to catch up on the recs you might have missed than at Family Video rental store, where the, er, enthusiastic staff are on hand to make suggestions.

Rack up a high score at The Palace arcade

For those of you young enough to remember, the arcade was the place to be during school holidays. Relive those halcyon days with a trip to Stranger Things’ much-loved games house The Palace, where you’ll be able to pit your wits against Galaga, Space Invaders and Dig Dug. Who knows, you might even beat arcade master MADMAX.

Stock up on Hellfire Club merchandise

Since season four dropped in June, it’s been impossible to walk down the street without spotting a Stranger Things tee or a Hellfire Club hoodie. Well, that’s because they’re cool! When NME got a sneak peek at The Experience earlier this summer, we spent most of the time goggling at their unrivalled array of Upside Down merch. The most coveted item? A rather fetching Metallica x Eddie Munson long-sleeve jersey.

Stranger Things
The Palace arcade is the perfect place to wind down. CREDIT: Fever/Netflix

Workshop your sleep pattern with a creepy doctor

Just like Secret Cinema, Stranger Things: The Experience is populated by excitable actors looking to engage with their audience. That’s you! So make an effort to talk to them and you’ll find it’s quite fun. Our most memorable interaction came in Hawkins Lab, when a creepy-looking trainee doc quizzed us on our bedtime behaviour. Apparently we need more sleep. You don’t need to tell us twice…

Help the gang save Hawkins

Throughout the immersive adventure (which makes up the first half of the production) you’ll be shuffled through different rooms in Hawkins Lab. Along the way, you’ll learn how to unlock secret powers which will come in handy during the epic final sequence. Slow to pick up new skills? Hawkins may be doomed forever…

‘Stranger Things: The Experience’ is now open to the public. Get tickets here

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