There’s something to be said about the absolutely intense nature of Boston’s and their particular brand of darker and more disgusting interpretation of metallic hardcore.

With their latest string of tour dates with Candy, Regulate, and Living Weapon now behind them, the band is putting out a special re-pressing of The World Is Going To Ruin You on vinyl. And thanks to our ongoing collaboration with Gimme Metal and bands like, we at MetalSucks have gotten our hands on a very special variant that’s sure to fly off the shelves.

Starting today, you can get your hands on a beer with black smoke and brown splatter vinyl variant of The World Is Going To Ruin You by visiting our online storefront for just $24.98. It’s a unique color combination that works really well side by side with the original artwork of Autumn Morgan.

And if you pick up your copy between now and September 30, you can cop this album for 20% off. No code needed. No bullshit. Just put the album in your cart, check out and get your discounted copy.

Recorded at the height of the pandemic with Grammy winning producer Will Putney of Graphic Nature Audio at the helm, The World Is Going To Ruin You features that same kind of heaviness that you’ve come to expect from Except this time there’s the added push of bringing their sound “back to the origin point…and put it on blast,” as Vocalist Anthony DiDio said earlier this year.

Featuring guest appearances from Geoff Rickly, Jeff Smith and Bones, it’s an album that the band says is born from the idea that “you’re born into the world as a blank canvas. As you meet people and experience things, you’re getting stained and torn up.”

Again, this special variant is limited to just 500 units worldwide, so if you’re even vaguely interested in getting a copy for yourself, don’t hesitate. Head to our online store and pick one up today., The World Is Going To Ruin You

  1. Welcome Home
  2. The Killing Womb
  3. Versus Wyoming
  4. Fear in Non Fiction
  5. Lights Out
  6. Wherever You Are
  7. Magazine Beach
  8. Inside Design
  9. Hellnight
  10. Orgy in The Morgue
  11. Wavery
  12. Funeral Sound

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