Long-running Polish death metal band Cinis have always moved at a deliberate pace, eschewing splits and EPs in favor of full-length projects, even if it means the wait between them is long. Cinis’ debut album, The Last Days of Ouroboros, was released in 2008; after a six-year gap came Subterranean Antiquity and now, eight years later, Cinis are poised to release Lies That Comfort Me, their third long player.

If you like old-school death metal, there’s a lot to like about Lies That Comfort Me. Influenced in equal measure by the American old guard of Deicide, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse and fellow Poles Vader and Decapitated for a little technical flair, Lies That Comfort Me is a meat-and-potatoes death metal album executed with precision.

Cinis come out of the gate with a trio of bangers but they really settle in by track four, “Aegis,” where they combine a Cannibal Corpse-esque groove with bouncing rhythms and technical lead playing. The best song on Lies That Comfort Me is buried in the back half—track seven, “Inundation.” The song’s lead riff is technical without being annoying and moves at a galloping pace, building the rest of the song around it.

Despite its old-school leanings, the message baked into Lies That Comfort Me is a very modern one, touching on humans’ relationship with social media. Cinis lyricist Michał Pawłowski explains:

Lies That Comfort Me is NOT about social media. It’s about us. How we flaunt our kids to feel fulfilled. How we turn our interests into likes. How we find outlets for our psychopathic tendencies. How we burden others, preferably our nearest and dearest, with our own weaknesses and manias. Social media? They are an outlet, convenience food for our addictive selves. It’s frustrating, it’s overwhelming, it’s something best expressed through fierce and unforgiving death metal assault on the senses. So, switch off the phone and let Cinis pound out your very own frustrations.”

Lies That Comfort Me is out tomorrow on Selfmadegod, but you can stream the whole album via MetalSucks.

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