Bloodbath’s latest album Survival of the Sickest has been out for a week now and it’s easy to say that it’s one hell of a murderous drop from the Swedish death metal band.

In a bid to make you remember just how absolutely crushing and dominant their latest effort is, Bloodbath released a new music video for “Putrefying Corpse,” which you can check out below. If you’ve ever wanted to watch Bloodbath play real up close but occasionally have rotting carcasses thrust into your view, then this music video is definitely right up your alley.

Featuring guest vocals from Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway, this track seeks to have your face in with aggressively heavy guitar work and unrelenting, pounding rhythms. And while Bloodbath frontman and recent The MetalSucks Podcast guest Nick Holmes said he sees lyrics as just another instrument in the mix, his vocals are just as spot on here as they are in the rest of the album.

Speaking of Holmes, he said in his own way that the song was about the cycle of life and death.

“The process of human life with a soul and humility, to eventual death, as nothing but rotting meat for vermin.”

In addition to Greenway, Survival of the Sickest also features vocal cameos from Luc Lemay, of Gorguts, and Marc Grewe, of Morgoth. It’s a killer record that’s absolutely worth your time.

Survival of the Sickest is currently available via Napalm Records.

Bloodbath, “Survival Of The Sickest”

1. Zombie Inferno
2. Putrefying Corpse
3. Dead Parade
4. Malignant Maggot Therapy
5. Carved
6. Born Infernal
7. To Die
8. Affliction of Extinction
9. Tales of Melting Flesh
10. Environcide
11. No God Before Me

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