Arizona-based blackened death metal outfit Languish are back to kick your face in with their new track titled “Parasite” off their upcoming third full-length studio effort Feeding the Flames of Annihilation.

Featuring members of North, Territory, and Gatecreeper, Languish demand your attention with their latest single. Thanks to an unrelenting sound that grabs you by the throat, “Parasite” is one hell of a track that the band says takes aim directly at society’s greediest individuals.

“‘Parasite’ is about the blood suckers of our society. Those who take everything we have, who prey on the weak, and profit from misery and suffering. They capitalize on disease and hopelessness, and exploit the basic human desire to live fulfilling lives in peace and happiness. We hope one day they pay for their crimes but in the meantime here is a sick metal song about them dying painfully.”

Boy, can I think of quite a few people that fit that list — most of whom have their own private space programs, as a matter of fact…

Feeding the Flames of Annihilation will release on October 7, though it’s currently available for preorder via Prosthetic Records.

Languish, Feeding the Flames of Annihilation

1. Manifesto

2. Last Legs

3. Ripped Remains

4. Parasite

5. Poisoned Chalice

6. Judas Goat

7. The Collector

8. Failed State

9. Feeding The Flames

10. Comply Or Die

11. Corporate Dystopia

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