The first day of fall has passed us by, which means winter is coming. Time to start thinking about Agalloch…

KEN mode

Null (Artoffact)

All hail the kings of noise rock because KEN mode are back and more vicious than ever. Their discordant fusion of skronky, angular noise rock, sludge and aggressive metallic hardcore is as potent as it’s ever been, an impressive feat for a veteran band like KEN mode. They hit the road for an extensive tour later this month.


Liminal (Neurot)

Former Sepultura drummer Iggor Cavalera and UK-based producer Wayne Adams are Petbrick, a duo that combines spastic electronics and a thunderous drum performance from Cavalera. It’s not for everyone, but Liminal is a unique album that treads interesting ground.


Mirage (Season of Mist)

Anonymous black metal sect Gaerea prove once again why they are one of the most interesting bands in the genre today. On their third album, Gaerea continue to dial in their traditional, mid-paced black metal sound, filling the songs with an emotional weight. There has always been something ominous about the Portuguese group—just listen to Mirage and hear for yourself.


Cycle of Contempt (Relapse)

On their first album in 25 years, Canadian thrashers Razor prove that the old dog still has fight left in him. Cycle of Contempt is old-school thrash for old-school thrashers. Main man Dave Carlo spoke with MetalSucks about the creation of the album and the challenges he faced getting there.

Venom Inc

There’s Only Black (Nuclear Blast)

OG Venom member Mantas and Prime Evil frontman Demolition Man reunite for another round with There’s Only Black. The glory days of Venom will never be recreated but There’s Only Black is a ripper in its own right, a big step up from 2017’s Avé.

Other Shit That Comes Out Today:

Freedom Hawk, Take All You Can (Ripple) Listen
Kings of Mercia, Kings of Mercia (Metal Blade) Listen
Nordjevel, Gnavhòl (Indie) Listen
Putrescine / Kosmogyr, Desolate Tides (Tridroid) Listen
The Skyspeakers, Echo Hall (Self-release) Listen
Stratovarius, Survive (earMUSIC) Listen
Unsane, Unsane (Lamb Unlimited) Listen
Upon Wings, Last Love (Sword of the Spirit) Listen

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