Mick Schumacher

The first song I remember hearing

Cee Lo Green – ‘Fuck You’

“I was a child when it came out in 2010. I was small – and I remember I wasn’t allowed to say the lyrics, i had to say ‘f– you’. I first heard it when I was in the car with my family. We had just been to a Lily Allen concert in Switzerland where I got to meet her. I remember it well because I didn’t have to look so far up because she’s not that tall. It was great because I thought ‘finally, someone I can talk to!’”

The first song I fell in love with

Paolo Nutini – ‘Last Request’

“I remember listening to this with my dad. I really enjoyed his singing. He’s a big fan of many songs but that was one of the songs we listened to back in the day.”

The first album I bought

Eminem – ‘The Eminem Show’

“I got it because I wanted ‘Without Me’ as a ringtone and it came with the album. I only realised what he was saying a few years ago. Back then I just thought the song was funny. I didn’t really know the meaning behind it. As a young child I shouldn’t have had that as a ringtone!”

The best gig I’ve been to

John Mayer at Oslo Spektrum Arena, Norway in 2019

“It was one or two years ago. I bought a regular ticket and was sitting in the crowd. No one recognised me! Maybe I need the helmet on… John Mayer inspired me to learn to play the guitar. I suck but I’m getting better. I’m conscious that I still need my fingers while driving and I don’t want them to bleed so I’m taking it in steps.”

The song that reminds me of home

Chayce Beckham – ’23’

“Home is in Switzerland – but my mum’s family is very big into horses, so we have a ranch out in Texas, near Dallas. Country music makes me feel like I’m there. The feeling you get when driving on the highway, listening to a good country tune is quite special.”

The song that I wish I’d written

Frank Ocean – ‘Chanel’

“The lyrics are iconic. Hopefully I get to meet him someday. I tend to see the celebrities who visit the F1 paddock from afar. Last year, Megan Thee Stallion came to the Dakota race, so that was cool. She had huge bodyguards next to her so I didn’t say hi! I don’t listen to her music that much but I hear it about the place – most of the songs are TikTok trends!”

The song I do at karaoke


“I’m not really a fan. I get a bit shy. But I remember when I was at home with my sister, who loves singing and has a beautiful voice, she sometimes got me to sing with her. I know [F1 driver] Daniel Ricciardo likes a good jam, though I wouldn’t say his singing… well, it’s Daniel. We all know Lewis [Hamilton] sings, and I think he sings pretty well so it’s good to see him doing more. I think he did a song himself, right? [Hamilton features on Christina Aguilera‘s 2018 song ‘Pipe’ under the pseudonym XNDA and has recorded solo music as well].”

The song I can’t get out of my head

LF System – ‘Afraid To Feel’

“It’s another TikTok song – all the good ones are! I heard it in the garage – one of the mechanics was playing it just before the race in Spa. The mechanics change who plays music, and the vibe changes with that. You could have house, indie or whatever. I don’t know if Gunther Steiner [boss of Schumacher’s Haas team] listens to music. I’ll have to ask him.”

The artist I’d pay to play at my wedding

Tame Impala

“They’ve got such a cool vibe. It’d get me into a nice headspace. Or maybe Coldplay. I was supposed to see them at Wembley this summer but I couldn’t go in the end. I think [bassist] Guy Berryman is pretty into racing so hopefully we’ll get him to a grand prix one day.”

The song I want played at my funeral

Bobby McFerrin – ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’

“I just want people to be happy at my funeral. Of course it’s nice to be missed but on the other hand there’s a reason that I’ll be leaving this place and people shouldn’t cry. They should keep living. It should be more of a party than a sad occasion.”

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