Conservative loudmouth and guitar legend Ted Nugent proved once again why he’s the most unlikable person to touch a guitar when Nugent was asked by his fellow “Nightly Nuge” host Keith Mark about his feelings on a recent op-ed claiming most people are not fit to serve in the United States military. The piece argues that only a small portion of the US population is fit to serve because most prospective service members are overweight, on drugs or a convicted criminal.

Nugent set his sights on overweight people first (transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“Hey, America, what the hell are you eating? I’ve never seen so much blubber on the streets of this country since I was in the Prince Of Wales Island watching pods of whales surface. And if that’s offensive to some people, I’ll tell you what’s offensive to God: you destroying your sacred temple with toxic non-food with ingredients which you can’t pronounce in portions that would sink the Bismarck.”

He then turned his attention to people who use drugs, insulting their intelligence, and issues a “call to arms” of sorts.

“How braindead, how soulless does a human being have to be to put drugs, alcohol and tobacco into your sacred temple?” Ted continued. “And if that’s offensive to some people, you’re offensive, because that’s insane behavior, it’s insane misbehavior, and you’re costing the rest of us a whole bunch of tax dollars to cover your fat, unhealthy, uncaring, selfish ass. So those are the people that can’t qualify to fight for this country, because they’d rather grow blubber than to protect freedom. And if that’s offensive to some people, tough shit. Wake up and treat your gift from God with a little respect for a change.

“We need to be a nation of warriors, and right now we’re not. And that’s shameful.”

I don’t recall Nugent being much of a hero or anything other than a voice of division, but that’s never stopped him before. Drug users have been a repeated target of his ire, because the Nuge gets by on outrage clicks instead of talent these days.

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