Vocalist and walking Monster Energy Drink commercial Tim “Ripper” Owens spent more time reflecting on his place with Judas Priest during a recent interview, as well as his apparent snub from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when the band got the call.

Speaing with the “White Line Fever” podcast, Owens elaborated a little more on his previous comments that he wasn’t called about joining Judas Priest when they’re inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on November 5.

“I knew [my comments about the Rock Hall] would be [turned into a headline], and I don’t mind talking about it, because, listen, they should have been in the Hall Of Fame a long time ago. And then they asked about me going in, listen, I’m not going in, and that’s cool… Like I said before, I feel like I’m going in anyways, ’cause I was in the band for about 10 years and [I did] two studio records and two live records and a DVD and a Grammy nomination. It’s good to see Rob [Halford] and Glenn [Tipton] and Ken [Downing] and Scott [Travis] get in there, for sure.”

It’s important that Owens brings up his contributions to the band. In the past, bands have had past members that contributed far less also get in during their hall of fame induction.

Considering his place in Judas Priest history, having taken up the frontman spot in 1996 after Rob Halford left the band, he says it’s “strange” that his role isn’t celebrated.

“It’s strange. It’s not that nobody would be surprised, like I’ve said before. And listen, I’m friends with the guys, and I don’t ever talk bad about my time I was in the band. It’s a business, so your feelings can get hurt for a second, but I still love the guys. But it’s shocking that my era [with Priest] has just been swept under the rug.

“Like I’ve said in the Rolling Stone article, a phone call would have been nice just to say, ‘Listen, you’re not [getting inducted into the Rock Hall].’ Like I said in the article, instead of getting e-mails threatening me for something that some promoter did in Australia. But just a nice message saying, ‘Hey, they’re going in. We wanna thank you…’

“The funny thing is, fans are, like, ‘Man, get over it.’ I don’t bring this stuff up. We don’t start our interview and I go, ‘Guess what? They didn’t let me in there.’

“It is what it is; I understand it. Again, it’s a business. I’ve got a lot going on with myself. I make a living doing music. And it is what it is.”

Looking back, Owens has some killer tracks with Priest. “Machine Man,” “Burn in Hell,” and especially “Cathedral Spires” stand out to me. It’s definitely odd that Tim “Ripper” Owens is seemingly relegated as a foot note in a number of bands.

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