We’re finally gettin’ that autumn chill here on the United States’ northeast and I gotta tell ya, it’s fucking wonderful. Pretty soon it’ll be time for flannels and hoodies and Type O Negative albums. I used to equate this time of year with the end of fun, since school would officially be one month in, but as an adult it just means being able to enjoy hearty soups without wanting to die from heat. Bring on the cold death of winter, baybee. I’m here for it. (Until it snows or gets below 20 degrees, at which point I reserve the right to bitch.)

This past week was a weird one here at MetalSucks HQ, though I won’t go into specifics since it’s all technical mumbo jumbo. Everything’s fine and your boy Hesher’s got it covered. You may have noticed some interesting new features. Expect more of that in the coming weeks, as we look to diversify not just what we cover, but how we cover things. It’s going to be an interesting ride.

As for exactly what was big this past week, we’ve got religious groups freaking out over “Baphomet feet” shoes, Gene Simmons admitting he’s got no friends, and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine talking shit about the boss bitches and metal queens in our lives. And as always, we’ve got This Week’s Top Tracks up in the playlist below. Enjoy.

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