MultiVersus players apparently won’t have to wait very long for the second half of the Rick and Morty duo to be added to the game.

Last night (September 23), developer Player First Games released a brand new trailer which finally gave players of the brawler the first look at Rick Sanchez from the hit cartoon series Rick and Morty.

The trailer – which you can check out below – teases the scientist’s upcoming release while also confirming that his pet Meeseeks will be included, perhaps as part of his fighting kit. However, although the trailer doesn’t feature a release date, it’s been confirmed that the character will be coming to MultiVersus sooner than players might think.

The MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh took to Twitter soon after the trailer’s release to say that Rick will be “coming very soon” to the game (via PCGamer). Although not a release date, the developer previously confirmed in July that he would be coming to the game after Morty was added, so it looks like fans won’t have to wait too much longer.

It’s also already been confirmed that Rick will be a “mage/ranged” character, but his abilities and skills have yet to be detailed.

Morty was released on August 23 after the game launched in early access in July. Earlier this month, the character received a massive buff in a patch two weeks after his release while the new character Gizmo from Gremlins was also added to the game on September 8.

If you’re getting started in the multiplayer game, we’ve put together a list ranking all 17 current characters in MultiVersus.

In other news, the City of London Police has arrested a 17-year-old teen in Oxfordshire on suspicion of hacking, following the massive GTA 6 leak which went viral last week.

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