PUBG Mobile has released a new anti-cheat system, and apparently it has already paid off by cutting cheating in the game in half.

According to developer Krafton, the system, called Fog of War, helps combat cheaters using x-ray vision and wall hacks, which allow less scrupulous players to see enemies on the map that they should not otherwise be able to see. Fog of War has been so successful that cheating fell by 62 per cent in some regions.

“The first of its kind in mobile gaming, Fog of War is an advanced anti-cheat system that limits the game information a player receives, reducing their ability to see players out of their field of view or through walls and objects,” said Krafton.

The new system scans the buildings and terrains across the game’s maps, and then “intelligently determines” what the player should be able to see, thereby counteracting x-ray vision cheaters.

For starters, Fog of War will be implemented on the game’s larger maps, and will “only become more comprehensive” as it is later rolled out across all of PUBG Mobile’s game modes.

PUBG. Credit: Krafton

“Cheating is completely unacceptable in PUBG Mobile, and this is yet another step towards stopping players from using deceitful and unfair technology,” said the developer. “Nothing is more important to PUBG Mobile than ensuring players have a safe, fun and fair experience.”

The new anti-cheat measures will be of little comfort to players in Afghanistan, however, as the country is the latest to ban the game. The Taliban is set to ban the game completely in Afghanistan within the next three months, having accused the game of “promoting violence” and “misleading youth.”

In other gaming news, Hellblade developer Ninja Theory has denied that it will replace voice actors with AI in future games.

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