Jeon Yeo-bin Nana Glitch

An eerie preview of the upcoming sci-fi K-drama Glitch has been shared by Netflix at its TUDUM event today (September 24).

The virtual preview event gives fans a look at what is coming up on the streaming platform for the rest of the year and beyond.

In the Korean segment of the stream, Netflix revealed a longer preview of Glitch, the new sci-fi mystery series that will star Jeon Yeo-bin (Vincenzo, Alienoid) and Nana (Oh My Ladylord, Swindlers).

SHINee’s Minho introduced the clip at the event, describing the series as “a story about Ji-hyo, who can see aliens and Bo-ra, who has been tracking down aliens”. “They search to find Ji-hyo’s boyfriend, who has gone missing without a trace and end up taking a step closer to unsolved mysteries in this bizarre series,” he continued.

“This series is by Gin Han-sai, the writer of Extracurricular, which left many viewers in shock. That’s why it has gained a lot of traction from the start.”

In the preview clip, which you can watch above around the 21:21 mark, Ji-hyo is seen sleeping at her desk in an office, when her laptop suddenly glitches to footage of a baseball game and wakes her up. As she picks up her things from the floor, the screen glitches again to a kids’ TV show, and then to a man delivering a speech about not being true to yourself.

As she tries to stop the footage from playing, the laptop becomes increasingly out of control until she closes it. As she prepares to leave the office, the other screens around her suddenly turn on, showing flickering images while a disembodied voice repeats: “I’m watching you.”

Glitch will be released on Netflix on October 7. It was helmed by director Roh Deok, known for her previous work on movies The Exclusive: Beat The Devil’s Tattoo and Very Ordinary Couple. Glitch is set to be Roh Deok’s first series.

A first trailer was revealed earlier this month (September 13), giving a broader overview of the series. “Just because I can see it, doesn’t mean I can believe it. The only thing I need to believe in is myself,” Ji-hyo declared in the trailer, refusing the existence of extraterrestrials even as a strange alienoid figure began following her around.

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