In partnership with The Warehouse Project, White Claw is teaming up with venues that “champion music genres such as techno, disco and house.”

Summer’s last stand has come and gone, but White Claw is making plans to extend seltzer season deep into the fall and winter months.

The popular alcoholic beverage brand is bringing the party inside and onto the dancefloors of several U.K. clubbing hotspots as part of a new initiative working with venues that “champion music genres such as techno, disco and house,” according to Campaign.

The campaign kicks off this fall with Manchester-based club series The Warehouse Project. White Claw is taking the initiative to Bristol, London, Glasgow, Manchester and more, co-branding 30 different events.

Sam Battaglieri

White Claw’s Head of Marketing Michael Dean has observed that club culture has been receptive to the brand’s product line, even in the winter months. As the brand begins to reinvent its image as an all-season beverage, this upcoming collaboration marks a key development in its efforts.

White Claw has reportedly invested in custom decor for the effort, including a branded bar, a mural to fit the space and 360° rotation menus. The initiative follows a 2021 campaign that saw the brand partner with iconic U.K. club Printworks to beat the winter blues.

“It’s not just a category that lives in summer; more and more we are seeing the demand in the winter months which is when U.K. clubbing culture comes into its own,” Dean said. “We saw huge success with our winter 2021 partnership with Printworks, so it makes complete sense to dial it up for 2022.”