Unlike other festivals, we will not start with the most “unknown” artist and end with the “headliners”. To us, they are all headliners and were chosen as we expect amazing performances. Therefore, the running order will reflect what we consider the optimum in terms of dramaturgy and suspension.

Bethlehem (Germany)
Darkher (UK)
Dornenreich (Austria)
Metal-Show – exclusive for 2023
Grab (Germany)
only show ever
Disillusion (Germany)
Laster (Netherlands)
Vemod (Norway)
Illudium (USA)
My Dying Bride (UK)
The Vision Bleak (Germany)
“The Deathship Has A New Captain” exclusive show
E-L-R (Switzerland)
Amenra (Belgium)
Darkspace (Switzerland)
Novembers Doom (USA)
Agalloch (USA)
exclusive reunion show

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