Earlier this year there were reports and videos showing Kings of Thrash, the Megadeth cover band featuring ex-Megadeth members Jeff Young, David Ellefson and (sometimes) Chris Poland, had new music in the works. We wrote about it and called it a diss track against Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine. Well, it turns out that we were all wrong, as the original music isn’t going to be a Kings of Thrash thing at all.

During a recent interview with Metal Express Radio, Young set the record straight about the new music he and Ellefson have been working on for a while. As it turns out, they’re working on a new album for an as of yet unnamed project. Oh — and their lead singer is a Brazilian dude that sounds like a genetic experiment featuring some of metal’s past and current greats.

“Everyone’s saying Kings Of Thrash is coming out with an original album, and it’s not Kings Of Thrash. Chaz (Leon) is our singer for doing the Megadeth stuff, but for the original stuff, Ellefson and I have been writing for over a year. We’ve been working on some (new) songs. We’re using this guy from Brazil that’s gonna blow you guys away. He sounds kind of like Dio meets Chris Cornell meets Rob Halford. He’s got perfect pitch, so he never hits a bad note. It’s crazy.”

Is it me or does Young’s description of this new band’s singer sound like some kid saying they totally have a girlfriend, she just goes to another school? That’s some lofty praise for some vocalist we’ve never heard before.

And while he’s making it out to sound like the metal media’s been misrepresenting the band’s new work for some time now, let us now puff up our feathers and prove that we reported on this a while ago. Aww yeah.

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