It’s no secret that Mötley Crüe hasn’t been itself for a very, very long time. Backing tracks, ousted bandmates, Vince Neil in desperate need of cardio… the whole thing’s a shell of its former glory. Thankfully we still have the recordings of the good times, when the band was good and considered one of the more dangerous hair metal outfits out there.

In addition to the original recordings, there are scores of fans and musicians that regularly cover the band’s past work. One stellar example of that was the new cover video released by Skid Row vocalist and fellow umlaut user Erik Grönwall. Released as part of his ongoing series of vocal covers on his YouTube page, the performance below is a must see for anyone wanting to hear what the song’s actually supposed to sound like in 2023.

Whereas the real thing gets winded and forgets the words part way through the song, Grönwall has energy, liveliness, sustain… really everything you’d want in a singer of his caliber. It’s no shock, then, why Skid Row has him in the same space Sebastian Bach once stood so many years ago.

Nevermind that at 36 years old, Grönwall was a toddler when this song actually came out and voices change over time. Just keep in mind that if Mötley Crüe’s not done kicking members out and poaching talent from other bands for replacements, we now know at least one stellar candidate for the gig.

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