Benjamin Clementine on new album ‘And I Have Been’ and pursuing acting: “It’s time for me to do something else that I’ve discovered”

Benjamin Clementine has spoken about the details of his forthcoming trilogy of albums as part one ‘And I Have Been’ is released today – read NME‘s interview with the singer-songwriter below. READ MORE: Every single Mercury Prize winner: what happened next? The Mercury Prize winner’s first album in five yearsContinue Reading

I left my heart (and torso) in ‘Dead Space”s USG Ishimura

Each week in October, feeble-hearted staff writer Andy Brown will square off against the scariest horror games imaginable. This week, Andy plays Dead Space: a game he actually…likes? It takes three shots from a Plasma Cutter to kill a Necromorph. In EA‘s sci-fi horror Dead Space, that’s one of theContinue Reading