Milwaukee Metal Fest Releases Lineup and Set Times

Milwaukee Metal Festival made a comeback this year, and now, the Midwestern metal fest has announced they will be back next year with 19 bands and multiple days of music. More bands will be announced in the future, but for now, this is a quite impressive lineup. The fest willContinue Reading

Laang 冷 Share 10 Taiwanese Metal Bands You Should Know About

This should go without saying, but heavy metal is more than the Euro-centric look that mainstream media wants to portray it as. Because for every pasty, lanky Scandinavian in corpse paint or denim jacket-clad long-haired dude blasting Metallica there’s legions of metal fans in the rest of the world thatContinue Reading

10 Sexy, Hilarious, and Absurd Pieces of Metal Merch

The metal world has spawned a plethora of unusual items: Abbath snow globes, Cannibal Corpse bedding, Nordjevel hot sauce, Korpiklaani drinking horns, etc. When it comes to apparel, Cradle of Filth’s infamous “Jesus Is a C*nt” T-shirts and Marduk’s “F*ck Me Jesus” tops certainly make the right kind of statements.Continue Reading