Jenna Ortega dispels “ridiculous” rumour she’s dating Johnny Depp

Wednesday star Jenna Ortega has shot down the “ridiculous” rumour that she’s dating Johnny Depp. The rumours about the two actors started circulating when celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi claimed Depp and Ortega were reportedly seen together, possibly working on Tim Burton‘s Beetlejuice 2. With the rumour generating plenty of attentionContinue Reading

Jenna Ortega was supposed to be in ‘You’ season four

Jenna Ortega was originally going to feature in the fourth season of You. The actor, who played Ellie Alves in the Netflix show’s second season, was expected to return for the fourth outing but couldn’t due to scheduling conflicts with Wednesday. READ MORE: ‘You’ season four review: can psycho-killer JoeContinue Reading

Jenna Ortega criticises love triangle plot in ‘Wednesday’: “I’ve always been against it”

Jenna Ortega has said she has “always been against” the love triangle storyline in Wednesday. In the Netflix series, barista Tyler (Hunter Doohan) and artist Xavier (Percy Hynes White) are seen competing for the affections of Wednesday Addams (Ortega) at Nevermore Academy. READ MORE: Wednesday: behind the screams on TV’s spookiestContinue Reading