Sgàile is the artistic endeavour of Scottish multi-instrumentalist Tony Dunn, of which Avantgarde Music released the overlooked, yet greatly crafted debut Ideals & Morality in december 2021. Two years later, the talented Scot is back with his sophomore opus, Traverse The Bealach, due out January 19. Recorded at Shade StudiosContinue Reading

Ghost Release Rare Track on Greatest Hits Album

Ghost just dropped a new, 13-song greatest hits album, and fans are most excited about that record giving us access to the song “Zenith” for the first time on streaming platforms. The compilation is titled 13 Commandments and it released today. It mainly contains well-known hits like “Mary On AContinue Reading

8 years after the release of their last album Eyes Of The Demon, Swedish heavy dormers Mortalicum now announce and detail the successor. Dubbed Epilogue Of Life, it’s comprised of 9 new songs that were recorded by Patrick Backlund and Christian Rönningen. Mixed and mastered by Patrick Backlund. Read more…Continue Reading

Jeff Waters has announced that he isn’t just releasing another album by Annihilator in 2024, but he is also planning on putting out three new albums under an undisclosed project, which he says will be different from the traditional thrash metal style of Annihilator and feature different lineups. Read more…Continue Reading

Judas Priest Release “Trial By Fire” Music Video

Nearly two weeks ago, iconic heavy metal band Judas Priest dropped the second single off their upcoming album Invincible Shield, “Trail By Fire.” Compared to the first single “Panic Attack,” this new song was markedly slower, more epic sound. In the wee morning hours today, the band saw it fitContinue Reading

After putting out their seventh full length Metanoia last year, Andorran extreme prog metal unit Persefone now announce the release of new EP titled Lingua Ignota: Part I. Set for release on February 2, 2024 via Napalm Records, it was produced, recorded (Studio Gröndahl) and mixed by David Castillo. MasteringContinue Reading

Legendary guitarist Tracii Guns and vocalist Jack Russel have joined forces in the newly formed project, named Russell/Guns . Together with L.A. Guns bassist Johnny Martin and drummer Shane Fitzgibbon as well as all-around musician Alessandro Del Vecchio, they announce the release of debut full length effort Medusa. The 11-pieceContinue Reading

Orange Goblin to Release Music in 2024

The Goblin’s back in town—or at least they will be soon. Orange Goblin just announced they are in the studio working on a new record. Earlier this month, the band announced they were in the studio in the U.K. working on their untitled, 10th studio album, the follow-up to theirContinue Reading