Certain performers have a profound impact on the music world through both their own work and the work of other musicians under their influence. Unquestionably, John Lennon, the illustrious Beatles member, was one of these artists. Millions were enthralled by his talent, originality, and forthright personality, and his opinions frequentlyContinue Reading

Study Finds Gen Z Concertgoers Drink Less at Shows

The days of pounding back beers at concerts could be fading into obscurity. Or rather, fewer people are buying less and less of the suds and that’s cause for alarm for venues everywhere. This new revelation is courtesy of a recent study that shows Gen Z concertgoers drink less whileContinue Reading

A new study that tracks our changing music habits has been released, with a handful of interesting findings. The Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO) has just released the latest results from its Music Habits survey, which looks at music discovery, investment, attitudes and consumption across digital platforms, gigs, festivals andContinue Reading

TikTok algorithm “bombards” users with self-harm content, according to new study

TikTok‘s recommendation algorithm “bombards” teenagers with self-harm content and eating disorder content, according to a new study. The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) found that the video-sharing site promoted content including dangerously restrictive diets, pro-self-harm content and content romanticising suicide to users who show a preference for the material,Continue Reading

Rats can dance, most at 120-140 BPM, study shows

Rats can dance, according to a new study from the University of Tokyo. Researchers fitted ten 10 rats with wireless accelerometers that can measure even the slightest of head movements before playing them a variety of music. Songs included Mozart’s ‘Sonata For Two Pianos In D Major (K.448), ‘Another OneContinue Reading