Melbourne-based hip hop innovator Lil Jaye released the RARE 2 mixtape on Thursday, 1st December. The six-song release arrived just two weeks after Jaye’s debut EP, the seven-track RARE. RARE 2 includes features from DiegoDor (on ‘TURN UP’) and Petit Bizarre and BabyT (on ‘GET STURDY’) Music Feeds is premiering the music video for ‘GET STURDY’Continue Reading

‘FIFA 23’ review: a sturdy, cinematic end to a historic era

like death, taxes and the North London derby, EA Sports’ sprawling, generation-spanning FIFA series arrives every year without fail and usually garners the same level of anticipation and furore on release, regardless of how long it’s been going. READ MORE: ‘FIFA 23’ release date, platforms, gameplay changes and latest newsContinue Reading